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Coincidences are usually just an artifact of perception.

What do I do?

I am working on my company, Dakai. We build blockchain solutions for entities raning from startups, ICOs to governments. You can read more details about that on our website.

How to reach me?

You can reach me via email:

Where can you read more about me?

Google me, I don’t really have one central website where I publish. might be the best way to read more of my thoughts.

Do I have any notable open source projects?

No, I never put a huge effort on open source. I am more focused on delivering live, but private applications. You can reach out for code samples though if you want to hire me.

Do I have a CV?

No, I don’t currently need one. Check out my company, Dakai or my LinkedIn for more info.

What is this website?

It’s currently just a placeholder. My plan is to turn it into a blog focusing on development and business.

Any more questions?

Reach me at the email addresses provided above.